john mark clothing website design thumbnail

CLIENT: Sharon Young, Inc
PROJECT: Build Website, Add Store Locator

Project Features

  • Built In WordPress
  • Mobile-Ready Responsive Design
  • Client can Update via SiteOrigin Page Builder
  • Simple, Stylish Design
  • Store Locator Plugin with Excel Spreadsheet Update

Project Description

For the John Mark website, the Sharon Young team wanted to showcase the clothing line and provide the locations where customers could buy it. They also wanted the ability to update the website themselves. For this, I recommended WordPress. They had a clear idea of how they wanted the website to look and interact. My job was simply to build it and teach them how to use it.

I incorporated the SiteOrigin Page Builder so they could easily update it. Please note that because of this, the website has changed since I built it and may not look exactly like the thumbnails below.

john mark clothing website home page 1
john mark clothing website home page 2
john mark clothing website about page
john mark clothing website gallery page
john mark clothing website store locations
john mark clothing mobile website design

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