I've been working with the DFW Vagina Monologues for three years as their graphic designer. Each year, we choose a graphic direction that best represents the year's worldwide theme. I create every piece of promotional material for both digital and print, as well as the program for the main show. Scroll down to see the work for year.

2016: Escalating the Call for Revolution

The inspiration for this year's promo material was the 1920's suffrage movement and the Art Deco style that prevailed.

[WRGF id=397]

2015: Revolution

The initial idea of revolution brought forth images of underground zines and riots in the street. For the promo material, I drew inspiration from the punk and riot grrrl scene.

[WRGF id=401]

2014: Justice

The producer is a geek at heart and JUSTICE could only mean superheroes. So I created the "Vagina Warrior" to take the lead on the all the promo material, mixing in some comic book and pop art elements.

[WRGF id=412]

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