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CLIENT: Cardenas Flooring
PROJECT: Build Website, Add Local SEO

Project Features

  • Built In WordPress
  • Mobile-Ready Responsive Design
  • Local SEO Integration
  • Bold, Contemporary Design
  • Client Can Update via┬áBeaver Builder
  • Testimonials with Customer Submission

Project Description

Cardenas Flooring approached me about a website because their only online presence was with Facebook and Instagram. They wanted to control their branding with a central online space that could easily be linked.

We discussed the UX design, how they wanted their potential customers to navigate the site. From there, I worked on a design that was familiar to web-users as well as modern and bold.

The website was built in WordPress by editing a pre-existing theme. Beaver Builder was added so they could update certain pages themselves. Testimonials plug-in was installed to allow customers to leave their review and the client to approve them to show on the website.

cardenas flooring about page
cardenas flooring gallery page
cardenas flooring submit testimonials page
cardenas flooring services page
cardenas flooring mobile home and menu
cardenas-flooring mobile pages

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